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This artisan-crafted dispenser filled with mouthwatering [‘Fla•Vər]will add to the sophistication and charm of any space with its clean and simple design. 

Same blissful [‘Fla•Vər], crafted new size.

On the go? Grab a treat size of [‘Fla•Vər] to travel with you anywhere, anytime.

Our new Bliss size [‘Fla•Vər]! Single packs of your favorite treat.

"This pineapple jalapeño candy is REDICULICIOUS!"

   Catherine | Attorney Office Manager

*Patent Pending

This stylish dispenser has a small footprint. Standing at 9" tall, it has a glass display top that sits securely over a natural bamboo base (3.75"W x 3.75"D). The dispenser comes in an attractive modern package suitable for gift giving. Candy is sold separately.

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